Hydrodynamic interactions in self similar structures, such as polymers

Research paper by P. Dommersnes, S. Straumsnes, E.G. Flekkøy, T. Nicolai, S. Roux

Indexed on: 01 Jun '99Published on: 01 Jun '99Published in: The European Physical Journal B


We study the hydrodynamic properties of polymers and more generally self-similar structures using a new recursion model. The hydrodynamic interaction between monomers is modeled by the standard Green's function of Stokes flow in which an ultrametric distance is substituted for the usual Euclidean distance. This leads to a model where the long-range hydrodynamic interactions and the long-range correlations of the polymer conformation can both be accounted for and yet allow for analytical solutions. We explore the asymptotic as well as the finite size corrections to the scaling behavior with this model. In order to compare the results of the present scheme with more conventional techniques a generalized version of the existing mean field results by Kirkwood and Riseman for the hydrodynamic drag is introduced.