Hydrobiological study of a tropical impoundment, tekanpur reservoir, Gwalior, India, with special reference to the breeding of Indian carps

Research paper by Mahendra N. Verma

Indexed on: 01 Dec '69Published on: 01 Dec '69Published in: Hydrobiologia


The hydrobiological study of Tekanpur reservoir, Gwalior, India, where breeding of Indian carps was recorded has been undertaken by collecting samples from April ‘65 to March ’66 and at the time of actual breeding. (7.7.65) The thermol history of the reservoir, its alkalinity and pH assured proper growth and maturation of the fish in its ecological complex. The physical and chemical changes in the water of the reservoir with the inflow of rain water from the catchment, proper topography and physical characteristics of the reservoir seem to stimulate the fish to migrate and breed on getting the first opportunity in suitable areas of the reservoir where the fertilized eggs have favourable conditions to survive.