Human opinion dynamics: an inspiration to solve complex optimization problems.

Research paper by Rishemjit R Kaur, Ritesh R Kumar, Amol P AP Bhondekar, Pawan P Kapur

Indexed on: 22 Oct '13Published on: 22 Oct '13Published in: Scientific Reports


Human interactions give rise to the formation of different kinds of opinions in a society. The study of formations and dynamics of opinions has been one of the most important areas in social physics. The opinion dynamics and associated social structure leads to decision making or so called opinion consensus. Opinion formation is a process of collective intelligence evolving from the integrative tendencies of social influence with the disintegrative effects of individualisation, and therefore could be exploited for developing search strategies. Here, we demonstrate that human opinion dynamics can be utilised to solve complex mathematical optimization problems. The results have been compared with a standard algorithm inspired from bird flocking behaviour and the comparison proves the efficacy of the proposed approach in general. Our investigation may open new avenues towards understanding the collective decision making.