Human heart valve-derived scaffold improves cardiac repair in a murine model of myocardial infarction.

Imported: 05 Jan '17 | Published: 05 Jan '17

Long L Wan, Yao Y Chen, Zhenhua Z Wang, Weijun W Wang, Sebastian S Schmull, Jun J Dong, Song S Xue, Hans H Imboden, Jun J Li

Scientific Reports

Abstract: Cardiac tissue engineering using biomaterials with or without combination of stem cell therapy offers a new option for repairing infarcted heart. However, the bioactivity of biomaterials remains to be optimized because currently available biomaterials do not mimic the biochemical components as well as the structural properties of native myocardial extracellular matrix. Here we hypothesized that human heart valve-derived scaffold (hHVS), as a clinically relevant novel biomaterial, may provide the proper microenvironment of native myocardial extracellular matrix for cardiac repair. In this study, human heart valve tissue was sliced into 100 μm tissue sheet by frozen-sectioning and then decellularized to form the... Read More

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