HST/NICMOS2 observations of the HD 141569 A circumstellar disk

Research paper by J. C. Augereau, A. M. Lagrange, D. Mouillet, F. Menard

Indexed on: 24 Sep '99Published on: 24 Sep '99Published in: Astrophysics


We report the first resolved scattered light images of the circumstellar dust disk around the old Pre-Main Sequence star HD 141569 A. The disk seen in HST/NICMOS2 images shapes a bright annulus inclined at 37.5 degrees +/- 4.5 degrees from edge-on. This ring peaks at 325+/-10 AU from the star with a characteristic width of ~150 AU. At 1.6 microns, the dust grains scatter a total flux density of at least 4.5 +/- 0.5 mJy. Our disk model using the spatial distribution implied by the images does not explain the 10 microns excess and requires an additional grain population closer to the star. Some similarities and differences with the dust annulus surrounding HR 4796 A are pointed out.