How to quantify the transition phase during golf swing performance: Torsional load affects low back complaints during the transition phase.

Imported: 18 Nov '16 | Published: 18 Nov '16

Taeyong T Sim, Ahnryul A Choi, Soeun S Lee, Joung Hwan JH Mun

Journal of sports sciences

Abstract: The transition phase of a golf swing is considered to be a decisive instant required for a powerful swing. However, at the same time, the low back torsional loads during this phase can have a considerable effect on golf-related low back pain (LBP). Previous efforts to quantify the transition phase were hampered by problems with accuracy due to methodological limitations. In this study, vector-coding technique (VCT) method was proposed as a comprehensive methodology to quantify the precise transition phase and examine low back torsional load. Towards this end, transition phases were assessed using three different methods (VCT, lead hand speed and X-factor stretch) and compared;... Read More

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