How safe is safe enough? Radiation risk for a human mission to Mars.

Imported: 20 Apr '16 | Published: 23 Oct '13

Francis A FA Cucinotta, Myung-Hee Y MH Kim, Lori J LJ Chappell, Janice L JL Huff

PloS one

Abstract: Astronauts on a mission to Mars would be exposed for up to 3 years to galactic cosmic rays (GCR)--made up of high-energy protons and high charge (Z) and energy (E) (HZE) nuclei. GCR exposure rate increases about three times as spacecraft venture out of Earth orbit into deep space where protection of the Earth's magnetosphere and solid body are lost. NASA's radiation standard limits astronaut exposures to a 3% risk of exposure induced death (REID) at the upper 95% confidence interval (CI) of the risk estimate. Fatal cancer risk has been considered the dominant risk for GCR,... Read More

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