How map designers can represent their ideas in thematic maps

Research paper by Takuya Yamahira, Yutaka Kasahara, Tateyuki Tsurutani

Indexed on: 07 Jan '14Published on: 07 Jan '14Published in: The Visual Computer


Problem analysis in designing thematic maps and user interfaces which assist map designers in incorporating their ideas into maps are presented.Problems in designing choropleth maps are analyzed from the map designers point of view. A graphical user interface, called “Histogram Interface”, is implemented as countermeasure for problems in designing choropleth maps. The user interface can assist map designers in representing their ideas and achieving the desired maps through the designing process. The user interface operations, which correspond to the map designer's ideas, are explained. The user interface effectiveness is confirmed by resulting map examples and the corresponding graphical patterns on the interface.A concept is proposed concerning the importance in any computer graphics field, which the designers should consider in determining how to incorporate their ideas into pictures.