Hospital healthcare professionals' knowledge of dementia and attitudes towards dementia care: a cross-sectional study.

Research paper by Wenhong W Zhao, Wendy W Moyle, Min-Lin Winnie MW Wu, Helen H Petsky

Indexed on: 11 Dec '20Published on: 10 Dec '20Published in: Journal of Clinical Nursing


To explore hospital healthcare professionals' knowledge and attitudes towards dementia care in China. Hospital healthcare professionals deliver most diagnosis and treatment for people with dementia in China. Literature shows that healthcare professionals' knowledge and attitudes are of great importance in providing optimum dementia care. However, there is limited research of healthcare professionals' dementia knowledge and attitudes within hospital contexts in China. A cross-sectional survey was conducted between April and December 2019. A self-report questionnaire composed of demographics, and knowledge and attitude scales related to dementia was used for doctors and registered nurses working in settings where people with dementia are cared for in eleven public tertiary hospitals in Hebei Province, China. The STROBE checklist was adhered to in this study. In total, 603 healthcare professionals completed the study. The majority of respondents were registered nurses (71.3%). The overall mean knowledge score was 20.7 (SD = 2.9) out of a maximum possible score of 30. The overall mean score for attitudes was 91.3 (SD = 15.9) out of a maximum possible score of 140. Standard multiple linear regression analysis revealed that the highest level of education, the experience of searching for dementia-related information and willingness to receive dementia training or education were significant predictors of knowledge scores. The department, the experience of working with people with dementia, length of dementia care, interest in dementia care, and training type were significant predictors of attitude scores. Deficits in the knowledge of dementia and a low level of positive attitude were identified among the healthcare professionals who work in hospital settings where people with dementia are cared for in China. Education and training in dementia care should be integrated into undergraduate nursing and medical programmes and provided for healthcare professionals after commencing employment. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.