Horizontal pollen transmission of Gentian ovary ring-spot virus is initiated during penetration of the stigma and style by infected pollen tubes.

Research paper by Masamichi M Isogai, Yukie Y Kamata, Syunpei S Ando, Misaki M Kamata, Asuka A Shirakawa, Ken-Taro KT Sekine, Nobuyuki N Yoshikawa

Indexed on: 11 Jan '17Published on: 11 Jan '17Published in: Virology


Gentian ovary ring-spot virus (GORV) infected gentian plants by pollination with GORV-infected gentian pollen grains, but the virus was not horizontally transmitted to gentian plants by transfer of pollen from GORV-infected Nicotiana benthamiana plants. However, N. benthamiana plants were infected with the virus by pollination with infected gentian pollen as well as by pollination with infected N. benthamiana pollen. When infected gentian pollen grains were placed on N. benthamiana stigmas, germinating pollen tubes penetrated into the stigmas and the styles (stigma-style). Virus infection occurred during penetration of the stigma-style, and the virus subsequently spread systemically to the mother plant. On the other hand, most infected N. benthamiana pollen grains failed to germinate on gentian stigmas, and virus infections were not detected in the stigma-style.