Homological mirror symmetry for curves of higher genus

Research paper by Alexander I. Efimov

Indexed on: 18 Jan '11Published on: 18 Jan '11Published in: Mathematics - Algebraic Geometry


Katzarkov has proposed a generalization of Kontsevich's mirror symmetry conjecture, covering some varieties of general type. Seidel \cite{Se} has proved a version of this conjecture in the simplest case of the genus two curve. Basing on the paper of Seidel, we prove the conjecture (in the same version) for curves of genus $g\geq 3,$ relating the Fukaya category of a genus $g$ curve to the category of Landau-Ginzburg branes on a certain singular surface. We also prove a kind of reconstruction theorem for hypersurface singularities. Namely, formal type of hypersurface singularity (i.e. a formal power series up to a formal change of variables) can be reconstructed, with some technical assumptions, from its D$(\Z/2)$-G category of Landau-Ginzburg branes. The precise statement is Theorem 1.2.