Homological localizations of Eilenberg-Mac Lane spectra

Research paper by Javier J. Gutiérrez

Indexed on: 16 Nov '05Published on: 16 Nov '05Published in: Mathematics - Algebraic Topology


We discuss the Bousfield localization $L_E X$ for any spectrum $E$ and any $HR$-module $X$, where $R$ is a ring with unit. Due to the splitting property of $HR$-modules, it is enough to study the localization of Eilenberg-Mac Lane spectra. Using general results about stable $f$-localizations, we give a method to compute the localization of an Eilenberg-Mac Lane spectrum $L_E HG$ for any spectrum $E$ and any abelian group $G$. We describe $L_E HG$ explicitly when $G$ is one of the following: finitely generated abelian groups, $p$-adic integers, Pr\"ufer groups, and subrings of the rationals. The results depend basically on the $E$-acyclicity patterns of the spectrum $H\Q$ and the spectrum $H\Z/p$ for each prime $p$.