Homological dimensions of crossed products

Research paper by Liping Li

Indexed on: 13 Jun '14Published on: 13 Jun '14Published in: Mathematics - Group Theory


In this paper we consider several homological dimensions of crossed products $A _{\alpha} ^{\sigma} G$, where $A$ is a left Noetherian ring and $G$ is a finite group. We revisit the induction and restriction functors in derived categories, generalizing a few classical results for separable extensions. The global dimension and finitistic dimension of $A ^{\sigma} _{\alpha} G$ are classified: global dimension of $A ^{\sigma} _{\alpha} G$ is either infinity or equal to that of $A$, and finitistic dimension of $A ^{\sigma} _{\alpha} G$ coincides with that of $A$. A criterion for skew group rings to have finite global dimensions is deduced. Under the hypothesis that $A$ is a semiprimary algebra containing a complete set of primitive orthogonal idempotents closed under the action of a Sylow $p$-subgroup $S \leqslant G$, we show that $A$ and $A _{\alpha} ^{\sigma} G$ share the same homological dimensions under extra assumptions, extending the main results of the author in some previous papers.