Homogeneous almost complex structures in dimension 6 with semi-simple isotropy

Research paper by D. V. Alekseevsky, B. S. Kruglikov, H. Winther

Indexed on: 04 Aug '14Published on: 04 Aug '14Published in: Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry


We classify invariant almost complex structures on homogeneous manifolds of dimension 6 with semi-simple isotropy. Those with non-degenerate Nijenhuis tensor have the automorphism group of dimension either 14 or 9. An invariant almost complex structure with semi-simple isotropy is necessarily either of specified 6 homogeneous types or a left-invariant structure on a Lie group. For integrable invariant almost complex structures we classify all compatible invariant Hermitian structures on these homogeneous manifolds, indicate their integrability properties (Kähler, SNK, SKT) and mark the other interesting geometric properties (including the Gray-Hervella type).