Hodge decomposition theorem for Abelian two form gauge theory

Research paper by E. Harikumar, R. P. Malik, M. Sivakumar

Indexed on: 19 Oct '00Published on: 19 Oct '00Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


We show that the BRST/anti-BRST invariant 3+1 dimensional 2-form gauge theory has further nilpotent symmetries (dual BRST /anti-dual BRST) that leave the gauge fixing term invariant. The generator for the dual BRST symmetry is analogous to the co-exterior derivative of differential geometry. There exists a bosonic symmetry which keeps the ghost terms invariant and it turns out to be the analogue of the Laplacian operator. The Hodge duality operation is shown to correspond to a discrete symmetry in the theory. The generators of all these continuous symmetries are shown to obey the algebra of the de Rham cohomology operators of differential geometry. We derive the extended BRST algebra constituted by six conserved charges and discuss the Hodge decomposition theorem in the quantum Hilbert space of states.