HLA-E contributes to an immune-inhibitory phenotype of glioblastoma stem-like cells.

Research paper by Fabian F Wolpert, Patrick P Roth, Katrin K Lamszus, Ghazaleh G Tabatabai, Michael M Weller, Günter G Eisele

Indexed on: 13 Jun '12Published on: 13 Jun '12Published in: Journal of Neuroimmunology


Cancer stem cells are an attractive target for immunotherapeutic approaches to glioblastoma. However, an immune inhibitory phenotype of cells currently classified as "glioma-initiating cells" (GIC) might counteract recognition by immune effector cells. Here, we investigate the contribution of the non-classical MHC molecule HLA-E to the immunosuppressive phenotype of GIC. HLA-E is expressed in GIC lines and its expression is reduced upon differentiation of GIC in serum-containing culture conditions. Constitutive HLA-E inhibits natural killer (NK) cell-mediated lysis of GIC since small-interfering RNA-mediated HLA-E gene silencing enhances the immunogenicity of GIC. Increased GIC lysis was observed both in the CD133+ and in the CD133- compartment. Furthermore, the use of interferon-γ as a possible agent to boost an immune response against glioblastoma cells might be limited by the concurrent upregulation of HLA-E.