History-dependent coupled growth of creep damage under variable stress conditions

Research paper by M. Kawai

Indexed on: 01 Aug '98Published on: 01 Aug '98Published in: Metals and Materials International


A multiaxial constitutive model is presented for the description of the history-dependent inelastic and damage behavior of polycrystalline metallic materials in the high-temperature range under variable loading conditions. A particular emphasis is placed on a new formulation for the history-dependent material degradation which is based on a coupling between hardening and damage. The total damage is given by the sum of damage components which have different history dependence. The associated continuum damage variables are defined through their evolution equations coupled with hardening parameters involved with a kinematic hardening model. The non-classical coupling between hardening and damage is incorporated into the modified kinematic hardening model which has. been developed for describing the complicated hardening and softening behavior under repeated stress changes. Numerical simulations for different material parameters show that the proposed damage-coupled constitutive model can predict an acceleration as well as a deceleration of creep damage growth due to stress variations.