Histopathologic features of endometriotic rectal nodules and the implications for management by rectal nodule excision.

Research paper by Horace H Roman, Ioana I Opris, Benoit B Resch, Jean Jacques JJ Tuech, Jean-Christophe JC Sabourin, Loïc L Marpeau

Indexed on: 05 May '09Published on: 05 May '09Published in: Fertility and Sterility®


Using data from 27 women with deep rectal endometriosis, managed by segmental resection, we observed that in 89% of cases active glandular endometrial foci were responsible for a deeper infiltration of rectal layers than that of fibrosis and smooth fibers by 5 mm on average. These data might be useful for surgeons performing rectal nodule excision, suggesting the benefits of administrating postoperative medical treatment to reduce the risk of rectal recurrences caused by remaining active endometriotic foci.