Histologische, funktionelle und spezifische Regeneration nach Durchtrennung der Fila olfactoria beim Goldfisch (Carassius auratus)

Research paper by H. P. Zippel, R. v. Baumgarten, R. A. Westerman

Indexed on: 01 Mar '70Published on: 01 Mar '70Published in: Journal of Comparative Physiology A


Alter dissection of the olfactory libres (fila olfactoria, Fig. 1) in the goldfisch, histological (Fig. 5) as well as functional regeneration takes place.When regeneration of the olfactory fibres was complete, no differences in training and learning behaviour between operated and untreated control animals could be observed (Fig. 2).Specific regeneration could also be proved after dissection of the olfactory fibres: Preoperatively trained discriminative behaviour returned (Figs. 3, 4) when histological regeneration had reached an advanced state (Figs. 6, 7).Higher concentrations of all substances used for odour training were capable of exciting the taste receptors or other struktures outside the olfactory mucosa. The concentrations used for olfactory training, however, were below the thresholds for non-olfactory perception.Neither the surgical procedure nor the anesthesia influenced the memory function.