H∞ inverse optimal adaptive fault-tolerant attitude control for flexible spacecraft with input saturation

Research paper by Hai-hui Long, Jian-kang Zhao, Jian-qing Lai

Indexed on: 29 Oct '15Published on: 29 Oct '15Published in: Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University (Science)


An adaptive inverse optimal attitude controller for flexible spacecraft with fault-free actuator is designed based on adaptive control Lyapunov function and inverse optimal methodology subjected to unknown parameter uncertainties, external disturbances and input saturation. The partial loss of actuator effectiveness and the additive faults are considered simultaneously to deal with actuator faults, and the prior knowledge of bounds on the effectiveness factors of the actuators is assumed to be unknown. A fault-tolerant control version is designed to handle the system with actuator fault by introducing a parameter update law to estimate the lower bound of the partial loss of actuator effectiveness faults. The proposed fault-tolerant attitude controller ensures robustness and stabilization, and it achieves H∞ optimality with respect to a family of cost functionals. The usefulness of the proposed algorithms is assessed and compared with the conventional approaches through numerical simulations.