Highly parallel Monte-Carlo simulations of the acousto-optic effect in heterogeneous turbid media.

Research paper by Samuel S Powell, Terence S TS Leung

Indexed on: 09 May '12Published on: 09 May '12Published in: Journal of biomedical optics


The development of a highly parallel simulation of the acousto-optic effect is detailed. The simulation supports optically heterogeneous simulation domains under insonification by arbitrary monochromatic ultrasound fields. An adjoint method for acousto-optics is proposed to permit point-source/point-detector simulations. The flexibility and efficiency of this simulation code is demonstrated in the development of spatial absorption sensitivity maps which are in broad agreement with current experimental investigations. The simulation code has the potential to provide guidance in the feasibility and optimization of future studies of the acousto-optic technique, and its speed may permit its use as part of an iterative inversion model.