Higher cyclic operads

Research paper by Philip Hackney, Marcy Robertson, Donald Yau

Indexed on: 08 Nov '16Published on: 08 Nov '16Published in: arXiv - Mathematics - Algebraic Topology


We introduce a convenient definition for higher cyclic operads, which is based on unrooted trees and Segal conditions. More specifically, we introduce a category $\Xi$ of trees, which carries a tight relationship to the Moerdijk-Weiss category of rooted trees $\Omega$. We prove a nerve theorem exhibiting colored cyclic operads as presheaves on $\Xi$ which satisfy a Segal condition. Finally, we introduce a Quillen model category whose fibrant objects satisfy a weak Segal condition, and we consider these objects as an up-to-homotopy generalization of the concept of cyclic operad.