High-throughput solid-phase extraction of metal ions using an iminodiacetate chelating porous disk prepared by graft polymerization.

Research paper by Kohei K Yamashiro, Kazuyoshi K Miyoshi, Ryo R Ishihara, Daisuke D Umeno, Kyoichi K Saito, Takanobu T Sugo, Shinsuke S Yamada, Hiroyuki H Fukunaga, Masanori M Nagai

Indexed on: 24 Nov '07Published on: 24 Nov '07Published in: Journal of Chromatography A


A chelating porous sheet for use in solid-phase extraction was prepared by radiation-induced graft polymerization and subsequent chemical modifications. An epoxy-group-containing vinyl monomer was graft-polymerized onto a porous sheet made of polyethylene. The produced epoxy group of the graft chain was converted into an iminodiacetate group. The chelating porous sheet with a density of the iminodiacetate group of 2.1 mol/kg was cut into disks 13 mm in diameter to fit an empty cylindrical cartridge with a capacity of 6 mL. Breakthrough curves using the chelating-porous-disk-packed cartridge overlapped irrespective of the flow rate of the solution ranging up to 1500 mL/h because of negligible diffusional mass-transfer resistance of the copper ions to the iminodiacetate group of the graft chain.