High temperature tunnel-type kiln operating on natural gas

Research paper by N. V. Koneiskiy, A. V. Veretennikova

Indexed on: 01 Sep '61Published on: 01 Sep '61Published in: Refractories and Industrial Ceramics


Experience in operating a high temperature kiln with natural gas confirms the possibility of using it at any temperature regime up to 1660°.The firing of high-alumina parts of different shapes weighing up to 40 kg with the corresponding changes in the batching system ensures the required quality.The firing of high-alumina compacts ensures the good quality of the chamotte. But it is not economically advantageous to fire compacts in a tunnel-type kiln on account of the large consumption of fuel, manual batching of the compacts and unloading of the chamotte.On account of frequent changes in the firing regime on account of different Al2O3 contents in the pipes, and the need to fire the chamotte, the life of the lining of the firing zone and roof are considerably reduced.In order to make the operation of the tunnel-type kiln normal, an automatic rotary kiln will installed at the plant to fire the high-alumina chamotte.