High-resolution IR cavity ring-down spectroscopy of jet-cooled free radicals and other species.

Research paper by Shenghai S Wu, Patrick P Dupré, Terry A TA Miller

Indexed on: 25 Apr '06Published on: 25 Apr '06Published in: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics


Initial spectral results are reported from a newly constructed cavity ringdown spectrometer. The apparatus incorporates a slit-jet expansion, with or without a discharge, to produce cold sample molecules. High spectral resolution in both the near- and mid-IR is obtained by using stimulated Raman scattering of the pulsed amplified output of a cw Ti:Sa ring laser. Molecular spectra presented include the electronic near-IR transitions a (1)Delta(g)(-)<-- X (3)Sigma(g)(-) of O(2) and B (3)Pi(g)<-- A (3)Sigma(u)(+) of metastable N(2) and vibrational overtones of H(2)O (polyad 2) and the OH radical. Fundamental vibrational transitions of CH(3) (nu(3)) in the mid-IR are also observed. This apparatus has demonstrated the potential for obtaining high-resolution spectra of both reactive and non-reactive species throughout the entire IR region.