High-quality manufacturing method of complicated castings based on multi-material hybrid moulding process

Research paper by Li-min Liu, Zhong-de Shan, Feng Liu, Dun Lan

Indexed on: 02 Oct '18Published on: 22 Sep '18Published in: China Foundry


A multi-material hybrid patternless moulding process for complicated castings has been proposed. Moulding sands used in the hybrid moulding process include silica sand, ceramic sand, chromite sand, zircon sand, and steel shot sand. Experimental method was used to study the effects of moulding sands on the temperature field, mechanical properties, and dimensional precision of the iron castings. Under the condition that the wall thickness on different sides of the casting is the same, when the wall thickness is greater than 10 mm, the heat storage capacity of the moulding sands from strong to weak is steel shot sand, zircon sand, chromite sand, ceramic foundry sand, and silica sand. Tensile strength of the obtained castings from high to low is zircon sand, chromite sand, steel shot sand, ceramic sand, and silica sand. Contraction rate of the obtained castings from high to low is steel shot sand, zircon sand, chromite sand, silica sand, and ceramic sand. Therefore, steel shot sand and zircon sand can be used as chilled sand, and even can be used instead of cold iron when the casting wall thickness is greater than 10 mm. Zircon sand and chromite sand can be used to obtain high mechanical properties, and silica sand and ceramic sand can be selected to obtain high dimensional precision of the castings. Finally, a typical iron casting piece was tested by experiment using the hybrid moulding process. Excellent performances of iron castings confirm the feasibility of the hybrid moulding process.