High pressure dielectric study of N-ethylacetamide

Research paper by Marzena Rams-Baron, Agnieszka Jedrzejowska, Marian Paluch

Indexed on: 26 Apr '20Published on: 20 Apr '20Published in: Applied physics letters


Applied Physics Letters, Volume 116, Issue 16, April 2020. As a step toward better understanding of the Debye-like response in N-ethylacetamide (NEA), we performed the broadband dielectric measurement of NEA under high pressure (up to p = 968 MPa). Currently, the prevailing opinion of an intense Debye-like relaxation in N-mono-substituted amides is that it originates from the slow dynamics of hydrogen-bonded supramolecular structures analogous to the Debye-like peak observed in monohydroxy alcohols. However, our results revealed that the high pressure behavior of NEA is different from that of monohydroxy alcohols. In contrast to monohydroxy alcohols, we found that the shape of dielectric loss spectra of NEA was unaffected by compression. In the light of these results, further critical discussion is required in order to improve our understanding of relaxation properties of NEA.