High-order rogue waves and their dynamics of the Fokas–Lenells equation revisited: a variable separation technique

Research paper by Zihao Wang, Linyun He, Zhenyun Qin, Roger Grimshaw, Gui Mu

Indexed on: 07 Nov '19Published on: 07 Nov '19Published in: Nonlinear Dynamics


The Fokas–Lenells (FL) equation is an integrable higher-order extension of nonlinear Schrödinger equation. One approach to generating its breather solutions is based on Darboux transformation (DT) and iterations. However, the DT of FL equation contains negative powers of the spectral parameter, which can lead to very complicated expressions when N is large. In this paper, we avoid the negative powers by adopting a variable separation and Taylor expansion technique to solve the Lax pair of FL system. Furthermore, stability of the proposed technique is demonstrated in detail.