High-fidelity two-qubit quantum logic gates using trapped calcium-43 ions

Research paper by C. J. Ballance, T. P. Harty, N. M. Linke, D. M. Lucas

Indexed on: 20 Jun '14Published on: 20 Jun '14Published in: Quantum Physics


We study the speed/fidelity trade-off for a two-qubit phase gate implemented in $^{43}$Ca$^+$ hyperfine trapped-ion qubits. We characterize various error sources contributing to the measured fidelity, allowing us to account for errors due to single-qubit state preparation, rotation and measurement (each at the $\sim0.1\%$ level), and to identify the leading sources of error in the two-qubit entangling operation. We achieve gate fidelities ranging between $97.1(2)\%$ (for a gate time $t_g=3.8\mu$s) and $99.9(1)\%$ (for $t_g=100\mu$s), representing respectively the fastest and lowest-error two-qubit gates reported between trapped-ion qubits by nearly an order of magnitude in each case.