High-fidelity single-qubit gates for two-electron spin qubits in GaAs.

Research paper by Pascal P Cerfontaine, Tim T Botzem, David P DP DiVincenzo, Hendrik H Bluhm

Indexed on: 07 Nov '14Published on: 07 Nov '14Published in: Physical review letters


Single-qubit operations on singlet-triplet qubits in GaAs double quantum dots have not yet reached the fidelities required for fault-tolerant quantum information processing. Considering experimentally important constraints and using measured noise spectra, we numerically minimize the effect of decoherence (including high-frequency 1/f-like noise) and show, theoretically, that quantum gates with fidelities higher than 99.9% are achievable. We also present a self-consistent tuning protocol which should allow the elimination of individual systematic gate errors directly in an experiment.