High-fidelity Rydberg quantum gate via a two-atom dark state

Research paper by David Petrosyan, Felix Motzoi, Mark Saffman, Klaus Mølmer

Indexed on: 02 Aug '17Published on: 02 Aug '17Published in: arXiv - Quantum Physics


We propose a two-qubit gate for neutral atoms in which one of the logical state components adiabatically follows a two-atom dark state formed by the laser coupling to a Rydberg state and a strong, resonant dipole-dipole exchange interaction between two Rydberg excited atoms. Our gate exhibits optimal scaling of the intrinsic error probability $E \propto (B\tau)^{-1}$ with the interatomic interaction strength $B$ and the Rydberg state lifetime $\tau$. Moreover, the gate is resilient to variations in the interaction strength, and even for finite probability of double Rydberg excitation, the gate does not excite atomic motion and experiences no decoherence due to internal-translational entanglement.