High-efficiency dual-modes vortex beam generator with polarization-dependent transmission and reflection properties.

Research paper by Shiwei S Tang, Tong T Cai, Guang-Ming GM Wang, Jian-Gang JG Liang, Xike X Li, Jiancheng J Yu

Indexed on: 25 Apr '18Published on: 25 Apr '18Published in: Scientific Reports


Vortex beam is believed to be an effective way to extend communication capacity, but available efforts suffer from the issues of complex configurations, fixed operation mode as well as low efficiency. Here, we propose a general strategy to design dual-modes vortex beam generator by using metasurfaces with polarization-dependent transmission and reflection properties. Combining the focusing and vortex functionalities, we design/fabricate a type of compact dual-modes vortex beam generator operating at both reflection/transmission sides of the system. Experimental results demonstrate that the designed metadevice can switch freely and independently between the reflective vortex with topological charge m = 2 and transmissive vortex with m = 1. Moreover, the metadevice exhibits very high efficiencies of 91% and 85% for the reflective and transmissive case respectively. Our findings open a door for multifunctional metadevices with high performances, which indicate wide applications in modern integration-optics and wireless communication systems.