Hidden Quantum Markov Models and Open Quantum Systems with Instantaneous Feedback

Research paper by Lewis A. Clark, Wei Huang, Thomas M. Barlow, Almut Beige

Indexed on: 05 Jul '14Published on: 05 Jul '14Published in: Quantum Physics


Hidden Markov Models are widely used in classical computer science to model stochastic processes with a wide range of applications. This paper concerns the quantum analogues of these machines --- so-called Hidden Quantum Markov Models (HQMMs). Using the properties of Quantum Physics, HQMMs are able to generate more complex random output sequences than their classical counterparts, even when using the same number of internal states. They are therefore expected to find applications as quantum simulators of stochastic processes. Here, we emphasise that open quantum systems with instantaneous feedback are examples of HQMMs, thereby identifying a novel application of quantum feedback control.