Hemisphericsymmetries in the identification of band-pass filtered letters Reply to Christman et al. (1997).

Research paper by D H DH Peterzell

Indexed on: 01 Jun '97Published on: 01 Jun '97Published in: Psychonomic Bulletin & Review


Christman, Kitterle, and Niebauer (1997) have examined the hypothesis that the two cerebral hemispheres are specialized for processing different ranges of spatial frequency. Their two experiments partially replicated an experiment of Peterzell, Harvey, and Hardyck (1989), who used Sergent's (1982) letter identification paradigm with spatial-frequency band-pass filtered letters as stimuli. We acknowledge the unusual strengths of Christman et al.'s experiments, but argue that the results support the original conclusion of Peterzell et al.: The results are not attributable to hemispheric asymmetries in spatial frequency processing.