Heat Kernel Analysis on Infinite-Dimensional Heisenberg Groups

Research paper by Bruce Driver, Maria Gordina

Indexed on: 12 May '08Published on: 12 May '08Published in: Mathematics - Probability


We introduce a class of non-commutative Heisenberg like infinite dimensional Lie groups based on an abstract Wiener space. The Ricci curvature tensor for these groups is computed and shown to be bounded. Brownian motion and the corresponding heat kernel measures, $\{\nu_t\}_{t>0},$ are also studied. We show that these heat kernel measures admit: 1) Gaussian like upper bounds, 2) Cameron-Martin type quasi-invariance results, 3) good $L^p$ -- bounds on the corresponding Radon-Nykodim derivatives, 4) integration by parts formulas, and 5) logarithmic Sobolev inequalities. The last three results heavily rely on the boundedness of the Ricci tensor.