Hawking Radiation from Charged Kerr Black Hole Beyond Semi-classical Approximation

Research paper by Gao Jie, Luo Zhi-Quan, Liu Wei-Wei, Li Gang

Indexed on: 22 Apr '10Published on: 22 Apr '10Published in: International Journal of Theoretical Physics


The Hawking radiation from charged Kerr black hole via the method beyond semi-classical approximation is studied. In our work, we apply the WKB approximation method and the quantum tunneling method, then calculate the tunneling rate and further correct Hawking entropy to charged Kerr black hole. It is shown that the result is still in agreement with the unitary theory, the entropy of the black hole contains three parts: the usual Bekenstein-Hawking entropy, the logarithmic term and the inverse area term. Apart from coefficients, our correction to the charged Kerr black hole entropy is consistent with results of loop quantum gravity.