Hamiltonian 2-forms in Kahler geometry, III Compact examples

Research paper by Vestislav Apostolov, David M. J. Calderbank, Paul Gauduchon, Christina W. Tonnesen-Friedman

Indexed on: 04 Nov '05Published on: 04 Nov '05Published in: Mathematics - Differential Geometry


This paper has been withdrawn in order to replace it by two separate submissions: 1. Hamiltonian 2-forms in Kahler geometry III: Extremal metrics and stability, math.DG/0511118; 2. Hamiltonian 2-forms in Kahler geometry IV: Weakly Bochner-flat Kahler manifolds, math.DG/0511119. As the titles indicate, the first paper covers the parts of this withdrawn submission concerning extremal Kahler metrics, while the second one deals the weakly Bochner-flat Kahler metrics. However, the material for the first paper has been substantially revised and extended with several new results. 1. The exposition has been expanded and clarified, and some technical errors and missing arguments have been corrected. 2. A new computation of the modified K-energy is used to obtain a characterization of the admissible Kahler classes which contain an extremal Kahler metric. In particular, these results complete the classification of extremal Kahler metrics on ruled surfaces. 3. The existence of extremal Kahler metrics is related to the notion of relative K-stability leading in particular to some examples of projective varieties which are destabilized by a non-algebraic degeneration. We believe that these results add considerable interest to our work, and go far beyond the original paper, which is why we have chosen to withdraw this paper and post the replacements as new submissions.