Hamiltonian 2-forms in Kahler geometry, II Global Classification

Research paper by Vestislav Apostolov, David M. J. Calderbank, Paul Gauduchon, Christina W. Tonneson-Friedman

Indexed on: 23 Jan '04Published on: 23 Jan '04Published in: Mathematics - Differential Geometry


We present a classification of compact Kaehler manifolds admitting a hamiltonian 2-form (which were classified locally in part I of this work). This involves two components of independent interest. The first is the notion of a rigid hamiltonian torus action. This natural condition, for torus actions on a Kaehler manifold, was introduced locally in part I, but such actions turn out to be remarkably well behaved globally, leading to a fairly explicit classification: up to a blow-up, compact Kaehler manifolds with a rigid hamiltonian torus action are bundles of toric Kaehler manifolds. The second idea is a special case of toric geometry, which we call orthotoric. We prove that orthotoric Kaehler manifolds are diffeomorphic to complex projective space, but we extend our analysis to orthotoric orbifolds, where the geometry is much richer. We thus obtain new examples of Kaehler--Einstein 4-orbifolds. Combining these two themes, we prove that compact Kaehler manifolds with hamiltonian 2-forms are covered by blow-downs of projective bundles over Kaehler products, and we describe explicitly how the Kaehler metrics with a hamiltonian 2-form are parameterized. We explain how this provides a context for constructing new examples of extremal Kaehler metrics - in particular a subclass of such metrics which we call weakly Bochner-flat. We also provide a self-contained treatment of the theory of compact toric Kaehler manifolds, since we need it and find the existing literature incomplete.