Hamilton-Jacobi Treatment of Superstring and Quantization of Fields with Constraints

Research paper by Walaa I. Eshraim

Indexed on: 16 Mar '20Published on: 02 Mar '20Published in: arXiv - Physics - General Physics


The Hamilton-Jacobi formalism of constrained systems is used to study superstring. That obtained the equations of motion for a singular system as total differential equations in many variables. These equations of motion are in exact agreement with those equations obtained using Dirac's method. Moreover, the Hamilton-Jacobi quantization of a constrained system is discussed. Quantization of the relativistic local free field with linear velocity of dimension D containing second-class constraints is studied. The set of Hamilton-Jacobi partial differential equations and the path integral of these theories are obtained by using the canonical path integral quantization. We figured out that the Hamilton-Jacobi path integral quantization of this system is in exact agreement with that given by using Senjanovic method. Furthermore, Hamilton-Jacobi path integral quantization of the scalar field coupled to two flavours of fermions through Yukawa couplings is obtained directly as an integration over the canonical phase space. Hamilton-Jacobi quantization is applied to the constraint field systems with finite degrees of freedom by investigating the integrability conditions without using any gauge fixing condition.