Haemophilus ducreyi associated with skin ulcers among children, Solomon Islands.

Research paper by Michael M Marks, Kai-Hua KH Chi, Ventis V Vahi, Allan A Pillay, Oliver O Sokana, Alex A Pavluck, David C DC Mabey, Cheng Y CY Chen, Anthony W AW Solomon

Indexed on: 02 Oct '14Published on: 02 Oct '14Published in: Emerging infectious diseases


During a survey of yaws prevalence in the Solomon Islands, we collected samples from skin ulcers of 41 children. Using PCR, we identified Haemophilus ducreyi infection in 13 (32%) children. PCR-positive and PCR-negative ulcers were phenotypically indistinguishable. Emergence of H. ducreyi as a cause of nongenital ulcers may affect the World Health Organization's yaws eradication program.

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