Guided waves in a plate with linearly varying thickness: experimental and numerical results.

Research paper by M Ech-Cherif ME El-Kettani, F F Luppé, A A Guillet

Indexed on: 30 Mar '04Published on: 30 Mar '04Published in: Ultrasonics


The aim of this work is to give experimental and numerical results on the behaviour of guided waves that propagate downslope in a free elastic plate with slowly linearly varying thickness. We show experimentally the propagation of adiabatic modes, which are guided waves that adapt to the varying thickness of the plate. As the thickness is decreasing, a given guided wave will reach its thickness cut-off. When this happens, we show that two phenomena occur: the reflection of this wave and its propagation backward in the plate, its conversion into a different guided wave which goes on propagating downslope in the plate. The numerical study is done with the software Ansys, based on the finite element method. The results obtained confirm the experimental ones.