Growth of single-crystal diamonds in microwave plasma

Research paper by A. P. Bolshakov, V. G. Ralchenko, A. V. Polskiy, V. I. Konov, E. E. Ashkinazi, A. A. Khomich, G. V. Sharonov, R. A. Khmelnitsky, E. V. Zavedeev, A. V. Khomich, D. N. Sovyk

Indexed on: 28 Dec '12Published on: 28 Dec '12Published in: Plasma Physics Reports


A microwave plasma (2.45 GHz) was used for depositing single crystal diamond layers at the deposition rate up to 40 μm/h in hydrogen-methane mixtures on the substrates from natural and synthetic diamond with the (100) deposition surface and with the size up to 5 × 5 mm. The structure and the defect-impurity composition of the fabricated single crystals with the thickness up to 600 μm have been investigated using Raman spectroscopy, photoluminescence spectroscopy, cathode luminescence spectroscopy, and electron and optical microscopy. A high quality and purity of the diamond layers deposited from a plasma was confirmed.