Groundwater problems resulting from CO2 pollution and overexploitation in Alto Guadalentín aquifer (Murcia, Spain)

Research paper by J. C. Cerón, A. Pulido-Bosch

Indexed on: 01 Dec '96Published on: 01 Dec '96Published in: Environmental Geology


 The Alto Guadalentín detrital aquifer is both overexploited and polluted. Water conductivity ranges between 1200 and 4900 μS cm–1, HCO3– between 1000 and 1990 mg l–1, and PCO2 between 0.041 and 1.497 bars. The temperature and chemical composition of the water show a positive thermal anomaly directly attributable to the neotectonic activity in the area. The high CO2 content has caused the abandonment of numerous wells due to water corrosiveness which attacks pumping equipment.