Grothendieck's constant and local models for noisy entangled quantum states

Research paper by Antonio Acin, Nicolas Gisin, Benjamin Toner

Indexed on: 16 Jun '06Published on: 16 Jun '06Published in: Quantum Physics


We relate the nonlocal properties of noisy entangled states to Grothendieck's constant, a mathematical constant appearing in Banach space theory. For two-qubit Werner states $\rho^W_p=p \proj{\psi^-}+(1-p){\one}/{4}$, we show that there is a local model for projective measurements if and only if $p \le 1/K_G(3)$, where $K_G(3)$ is Grothendieck's constant of order 3. Known bounds on $K_G(3)$ prove the existence of this model at least for $p \lesssim 0.66$, quite close to the current region of Bell violation, $p \sim 0.71$. We generalize this result to arbitrary quantum states.