Grey matter abnormalities in Brazilians with first-episode psychosis.

Research paper by Maristela S MS Schaufelberger, Fabio L S FL Duran, Julia M JM Lappin, Marcia M Scazufca, Edson E Amaro, Claudia C CC Leite, Claudio C CC de Castro, Robin M RM Murray, Philip K PK McGuire, Paulo R PR Menezes, Geraldo F GF Busatto

Indexed on: 19 Jan '08Published on: 19 Jan '08Published in: The British journal of psychiatry. Supplement


In low- and middle-income countries people with schizophrenia are reported to experience better outcomes than those in high-income countries.To examine structural brain differences in people with first-episode psychosis and controls in Brazil.Magnetic resonance imaging using voxel-based morphometry was performed on 122 people with first-episode psychosis and 94 controls.There were significant decreases in grey matter in the left superior temporal and inferior prefrontal cortices, insula bilaterally and the right hippocampal region in first-episode psychosis (P<0.05, corrected for multiple comparisons). The subgroup of people with schizophrenia (n=62) exhibited a similar pattern of decrease in grey matter relative to controls.Structural abnormalities reported in psychosis in high-income countries are also present in first-episode psychosis in Brazil.

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