Green's function for cut points of chordal SLE attached with boundary arcs

Research paper by Dapeng Zhan

Indexed on: 07 Apr '20Published on: 05 Apr '20Published in: arXiv - Mathematics - Probability


Let $\kappa\in(4,8)$. Let $\gamma$ be an SLE$_\kappa$ curve in a Jordan domain $D$ connecting $a_1\ne a_2\in\partial D$. We attach $\gamma$ with two open boundary arcs $A_1,A_2$ of $D$, which share end points $b_1\ne b_2\in\partial D\setminus\{a_1,a_2\}$, and consider for each $z_0\in D$ the limit $$ \lim_{r \downarrow 0}r^{1-\frac 38\kappa} \mathbb{P}[\gamma\cup A_1\cup A_2 \mbox{ has a cut point in }\{|z-z_0|<r\}].$$ We prove that the limit converges, derive a rate of convergence, and obtain the exact formula of the limit up to a multiplicative constant depending only on $\kappa$.