Green's function for arbitrarily shaped dielectric bodies of revolution

Research paper by Te-Kao Wu

Indexed on: 01 Mar '94Published on: 01 Mar '94Published in: International journal of infrared and millimeter waves


In this paper, a solution is developed to calculate the electric field at one point in space due to an electric dipole exciting an arbitrarily shaped dielectric body of revolution (BOR). Specifically, the electric field is determined from the solution of coupled surface integral equations (SIE) for the induced surface electric and magnetic currents on the dielectric body excited by an elementary electric current dipole source. Both the interior and exterior fields to the dielectric BOR may be accurately evaluated via this approach. For a highly lossy dielectric body, the numerical Green's function is also obtainable from an approximate integral equation (AIE) based on a surface boundary condition. If this equation is solved by the method of moments, significant numerical efficiency over SIE is realized. Numerical results obtained by both SIE and AIE approaches agree with the exact solution for the special case of a dielectric sphere. With this numerical Green's function, the complicated radiation and scattering problems in the presence of an arbitrarily shaped dielectric BOR are readily solvable by the method of moments.