Gold nanoparticles functionalized with deep-cavity cavitands: synthesis, characterization, and photophysical studies.

Research paper by Shampa R SR Samanta, Revathy R Kulasekharan, Rajib R Choudhury, Pradeepkumar P Jagadesan, Nithyanandhan N Jayaraj, V V Ramamurthy

Indexed on: 20 Jul '12Published on: 20 Jul '12Published in: Langmuir


In this report, we present methods of functionalization of AuNP's with deep-cavity cavitands that can include organic molecules. Two types of deep-cavity cavitand-functionalized AuNP's have been synthesized and characterized, one soluble in organic solvents and the other in water. Functionalized AuNP soluble in organic solvents forms a 1:1 host-guest complex where the guest is exposed to the exterior solvents. The one soluble in water forms a 2:1 host-guest complex where the guest is protected from solvent water. Phosphorescence from thiones and benzil included within heterocapsules attached to AuNP was quenched by gold atoms present closer to the guests included within deep-cavity cavitands. During this investigation, we have synthesized four new deep-cavity cavitands. Of these, two thiol-functionalized hosts allowed us to make stable AuNP's. However, AuNP's protected with two amine-functionalized cavitands tended to aggregate within a day.