Gold clusters and nanoparticles in reverse micelles formed by tritons X-100, X-114, and X-45

Research paper by M. G. Spirin, S. B. Brichkin, V. F. Razumov

Indexed on: 05 Jun '11Published on: 05 Jun '11Published in: Colloid Journal


The formation of gold nanoparticles and clusters in solutions of reverse micelles formed by Tritons X-45, X-114, and X-100 (polyoxyethylene isooctylphenyl ethers with degrees of polymerization n = 5, 7–8 and 9–10, respectively) in the presence of sodium sulfite is studied. The stability of these particles is shown to depend on the length of ethylene oxide chains in surfactant molecules, water content in micelles, and the presence of special additives. It is found that, on one hand, L-ascorbic acid favors a reduction of HAuCl4 and, on the other hand, affects the stability of resultant particles.