Glycine glutaric acid cocrystals: Morphological, optical, dielectric and mechanical properties via nanoindentation

Research paper by Sumit Bhukkal, Nidhi Sinha; Harsh Yadav; Sahil Goel; Budhendra Singh; Igor Bdikin; Binay Kumar

Indexed on: 01 Jun '18Published on: 28 May '18Published in: Vacuum


Publication date: August 2018 Source:Vacuum, Volume 154 Author(s): Sumit Bhukkal, Nidhi Sinha, Harsh Yadav, Sahil Goel, Budhendra Singh, Igor Bdikin, Binay Kumar Cocrystals of glycine glutaric acid (GGA) were grown by slow evaporation solution technique. The crystal structure and the lattice parameters of GGA cocrystal were determined by using powder XRD analysis. UV-vis-NIR spectrum showed that GGA cocrystal is highly transparent in visible and near infrared region with a wide-band gap 5.27eV. The photoluminescence spectrum showed two peaks: one of high intensity at wavelength 410 nm and another of much lower intensity at 355 nm. Dielectric properties of GGA cocrystal were measured across three different crystallographic planes namely (010), (011) and (110). The relative SHG conversion efficiency of GGA was found to be 0.35 times that of KDP crystal. Mechanical stability of (010) plane of GGA cocrystal was analyzed using nanoindentation technique and various parameters like hardness, Young's modulus and stiffness were estimated. Thus, GGA is a potential candidate for multifunctional NLO and optoelectronic devices. Graphical abstract